The Agrotrak - Manufactures of Implements, as well as Agricultural, was born in the year of 2011 with a long experience in the branch of agricultural, forestry, industrial and garden, to fill a gap in the region of Águeda in the field of sale, repair and fabrication.
The Agrotrak, right at its beginning had as its motto to serve your customers well with products, services of high quality parts and multi-brand.
We are specialized and trained for more than 10 years in this service area.
We have parts for various brands of tractors, motor hoes, motocultivadores, tools, chain saws, roçadores and varied accessories for substituíção and application in different machines.
Workshop with mecãnicos with training in a wide experiẽncia in multi-brands, having a knowledge of most of the brands in the market.
Also provide a large stock of machines and implements used reconditioned.